We have finished building our clinic in Nicaragua!

Text Author: Victoria Valikova
Photographer: Olga Markova, Kamil Aisin

We built our clinic in the middle of nowhere; a place with no roads, no electricity and no running water. So we had to build it all from scratch… .

We finished the construction of our clinic on March 1st, 2020.
To say it was hard is an understatement. We put a lot of effort, resources, sweat and blood on this project. But it wasn’t possible without the work of dozens of volunteers and the help of hundreds of donations.

Our project in Nicaragua was very challenging for different reasons.
First of all, the location of the clinic. We built our clinic in the middle of nowhere; a place with no roads, no electricity and no running water. So we had to build it all from scratch.

We dug a well by hand and cast cement rings for it; we installed solar panels on the roof, built part of the road and a bridge.

We still cannot believe that the construction is finished! But it’s time to move on! We’ll be getting our sanitary certificate pretty soon, which means that we will be able to start attending to patients from our village and nearby zones in no time!

You can make a donation on our website and help us buy all the required materials for our new clinic, including medical equipment, furniture, medications and much more! You can also become a volunteer! We are always looking for doctors, paramedics, nurses, photographers, administrators, assistants and more. Fill out the form and come to our clinic in Nicaragua!

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