Guatemala has closed its borders

Text Author: Victoria Valikova
Photographer: Elena Vlasova

Guatemala has closed its borders to foreigners. This means there aren’t new volunteers joining the project and no one is able to bring new medicines.

Guatemala has closed its borders to foreigners. This means there aren’t new volunteers joining the project and no one is able to bring new medicines… Usually, we buy a wide range of medications in Russia and nearby countries for our clinics. These are expensive medicines to treat diabetes, epilepsy, asthma and hundreds of other diseases that can’t wait until the end of the quarantine. We have to purchase these medicines right now to keep treating our patients as the supplies are rapidly running out. We are trying to give our patients more medication during this pandemic, so they are able to stay at home for several months without coming to the clinic. However in Guatemala the prices of these medications can be up to 10 times higher than elsewhere. Currently we don’t have enough funding to buy everything we need. Despite the pandemic 8 volunteers are working and attending to many patients suffering from common intestinal disorders, high blood pressure and different injures. Moreover, 31 volunteers are ready to get on a plane as soon as the countries open their borders. We are keeping an ear to the ground and communicating with Embassies, the Ministry of Health in Guatemala and local NGOs.

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We are doing everything we can to ease our doctors’ work. We really need your support now! We treat thousands of patients in our clinic. We cannot stop prescribing them insulin, anti-epileptics and other life-saving medicines – not even for a month. Please consider signing up for a monthly donation or making one-time donation. Your help allows us to keep treating people.

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