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Clinic facility / supply manager

Feed the doctors, buy medicine and give us the confidence to keep working!

Country: Guatemala , Nicaragua
Program duration: 3 to 12 months

Doctor / paramedic

Treat people and be part of a multicultural team!

Country: Guatemala , Nicaragua
Program duration: 3-12 months


Маша Елисеева, врач-педиатр из Москвы. 31 октября 2019 прилетела в Гватемалу на 4 месяца. Пожалуй, самый ответственный человек в клинике, так как готовилась к отъезду год!, Обожает кровавые раны и сложные случаи, одинаково ловко управляется с детьми и со скорпионами.


Маргарита приехала к нам из маленького городка на севере России. Она работала фельдшером в еще недостроенной клинике Health & Help в Никарагуа.


Елизавета и Михаил Шишины – наши любимые архитекторы, которые вместе с нами с самого начала. Ребята с волонтерами и местными жителями построили клинику, которая уже второй год успешно функционирует в Гватемале. Сейчас ребята на строительстве новой клиники в Никарагуа.

How we are fighting coronavirus

Everyone knows that a quarantine is the best way to prevent the virus from spreading. Nevertheless, there are patients with serious diseases that must be treated regardless of the quarantine, otherwise they risk dying before the epidemic even reaches them.

Guatemala has closed its borders

Guatemala has closed its borders to foreigners. This means there aren't new volunteers joining the project and no one is able to bring new medicines.


Take care of patients and doctors!

Country: Guatemala , Nicaragua
Program duration: from 3 to 12 months

Guatemala Project

The clinic provides healthcare services in the highland region to a population of over 25000 people. We provide treatment every day without exception, as well as educational lectures, and prophylactic measures to prevent diseases in children and adults.

Project in Nicaragua

In a chain of villages located on a mountain ridge away from big cities, we do everything to make sure patients receive treatment in time. We treat and transport patients in emergency circumstances, provide consultation to children and adults, and follow pregnancies and chronic conditions.

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